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Moving home is one thing, but moving your business is another

Are you planning on moving your business residence someday soon? Well pay attention here people, because you’re definitely going to need some nice business advice and guidelines in order to make your move run smoothly.

Folks often take moving too hastily, you know with that kind of mind set, “oh we’ll do it no time, pack our stuff load and unload and it’s all done”, but when it gets to it, lots of unexpected situations are bound to emerge. This is why it is really important that the moving is somewhat planned out in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. It’s not uncommon for people to think that moving a business residence is the same, you pack and you go and that’s it. But that’s not a very smart way of doing it, because it will probably give you a headache. Here we’re going to take a look at some of the most important things you should consider if you are planning on moving your offices.

Decide if you’re going to hire just a van or a van and a man

Well experience shows that it’s always better to hire a man and a van. The reason for this is that at the end, even though it may seem cheaper to hire just a van, you will probably waste more time and money doing the rest of the work yourself; there are extra costs including Fuel, Parking, Congestion charge, Optional Insurance, and a £500 deposit. Also, you may run into traffic jams you don’t know how to avoid, you might not have enough experience to load your stuff properly which can cause damage, you need a licence to drive a van and so on. It seems easy and simple before you get into it, but trust me, it’s not. Hiring a man and a van makes things run smoother and quicker, plus the experienced movers can always advise you on the best way of loading the things in the van and avoiding traffic jams.

Prepare your new residence

It’s absolutely crucial for a business to NOT be cut off from means of communication. Of course, you have your smartphone, but sometimes that’s not enough. Don’t let yourself get caught in the situation that people can’t reach you at your offices, your old one or your new one, but they must be able to reach you. Your office telephone and internet connection must be prepared in advance. Also, if you’re not running an IT business of tech savvy people, make sure you or someone will know how to set up your computer and the rest of the tech gear you’re using properly.

Another thing which should be obvious but take care anyway, make sure the residence is cleaned up and ready to be moved into.

Organize your stuff, documents and equipment appropriately

If you have a lot of paperwork and equipment make sure it’s packed safely to avoid damage. Use labels and coloured duct tape to make sure you know what’s in each box. DO NOT forget to point out to the movers what’s in the boxes. Fragile things should be handled with care and they will know the best way to load the stuff. For fragile breakable stuff you can use clothes and rags to soften the package and avoid breakage. For stuff such as groceries and clothes you can use plastic vacuum bags because they are great for saving space and maintaining freshness. If you have large pieces of furniture or equipment, talk to your movers before you decide how and when you will load it.

For help with moving you can use our professional Man and Van Services.

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