How To Pack Your Bedroom To Move Home

If you’re moving home soon, then you’re probably thinking about how to best organize your move from start to finish in terms of packing and protecting your household items. You should be well familiar with what room to pack first when moving and what room to leave for last, and that is exactly why you will need a packing calendar.

Be advised that before you even get down to preparing your home for moving, there shouldn’t be any doubts about the way your packing project will develop, so make sure that the moving timeline of yours provides as detailed and precise packing related information as possible.

Read on to learn how to pack your bedroom for a move.

How to pack a bedroom quickly

When getting ready to move out, time is always an essential factor that can affect your decision making process and make you do things incorrectly. Yes, insufficient time is a bad advisor, especially during a house move. So, to help you avoid bad decisions, here is some quick practical advice on how to pack your bedroom quickly.

Sort out your bedroom

The more bedroom items you choose to move to your new home, the more time you will spend on packing and the more money you will pay for their actual transportation. Do you really think that you will need all of your possessions found in your bedroom? Create an inventory and get rid of anything you won’t need in the near future.

Get packing materials

You can’t possibly pack up a room without the proper packing materials, let alone do it fast enough. If you can afford the extra expenses, you can always purchase brand new packing supplies such as moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape from your local movers and worry no more. However, to stay on the cheaper side of your relocation, take advantage of the free packing materials you already have in your house or apartment but have not suspected of their convenient existence until now.

Prepack bedroom items

You want to pack up your bedroom quickly? The answer is simple enough: prepack. If you’re moving in the summer, then you won’t need your winter clothes until after the move, so you can easily pack them up as early in your moving preparations as possible. The same is true for your summer clothes if you’re moving in the winter, so speed up the packing process by thinking several steps ahead. The same is true for bed sheets and covers you won’t be using until moving day– save loads of valuable time by packing them in advance.

How to pack up your clothes

Although your clothes are not breakables and finding them severely wrinkled is usually the worst damage they will experience on the road, your garments will require some special cares and packing instructions to save you money, time, space, and nerves all at the same time. You have 2 principal clothes packing stages: Preparation and Packing. The preparation phase is all about sorting and grouping your garments, while the packing part is about what containers to use and how to protect your clothes when moving from one home to another.

How to pack bedroom furniture

And unless you have a bunch of reliable friends who have promised to give you a helping hand when you need it the most, do the wise thing and hire experienced packers and movers to disassemble, pack, protect and move your bedroom furniture pieces. Follow the links below to learn how to pack bedroom furniture safely.

Should you bring your Mattress?

That’s entirely up to you. If you don’t need that mattress, then leave it, otherwise you will need a van to fit that into. Some people require special mattress such as those memory foams mattress for better sleep and if you paid a lot of money for it, then it’s probably worth hiring a van and loading the rest of your bedroom stuff with it.

Choosing the best air mattress for your move

When it comes to portable beds, by far the most practical option for a move is an air mattress. They are inexpensive, pack small and light and you’ll probably use them again when welcoming guests after the move is done.

Two tips on choosing the best air mattress for your needs:

  1. Measure your space and have a plan – think about the space your inflatable bed will go into, both in your current apartment (if you are still packing) and your new place. This will give you an idea about what’s the best air bed to go with in terms of size and height.
  2. Think about whether you have use for it after the move – while some airbeds are meant to be used a few times, the better ones are designed with comfort and longevity in mind. These come in various “flavors”, from memory foam and pillow top to EZ beds (mounted on a steel frame). For reference, we found this complete guide on best air mattresses for different scenarios here:

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