Considering a boat transport company?

Boat transportation is quite a difficult task as it involves a lot of planning and organizing. There are many boat transporting companies that boast about their services, however, you just cannot decide which one offers the most reliable transport service at affordable rates.  Thus you need to perform a thorough research and select a reliable one that meets your requirement and proposed budget. Here are 4 most essential aspects that you must consider while choosing a boat transport service:

  1. Authorized: The major aspect to consider is whether the transport company is authorized or not. Any legal company must be authorized by Federal DOT and Motor Carrier Authority. The license numbers should be mentioned on the uShip profile information of the service provider.
  2. Insurance: You have to avail additional insurance coverage from the boat transport company since your personal boat insurance plan will not cover the damages caused to your vessel by a professional transport company. The company should offer cargo insurance as the insurance cover will not be insured by the liability basic insurance. Remember, it is always sensible to purchase additional insurance cover.
  3. Tracking: You can track your shipment by checking the online tracking option on the transportation company’s website. If you want to know the whereabouts of your boat, ask the potential boat transport company if they have a reliable tracking option. Always remember, the best transport company is a great communicator!
  4. Feedback: Check for the company’s track record and references. Find out about their rating, history, and comments in the company website’s feedback section. Better Business Bureau is another reliable website to check the company’s background for any grievances against the company.

Compare a few reliable carriers on these factors. Lastly, list your boat on uShip and choose an authorized carrier that is in accordance to your set budget, meets your expected time frame, fulfill insurance needs and preferences. Don’t forget to compare quotes presented by several boat transport companies. The quotes are given as per the pickup and drop off location, transport date and the shape and size of your boat. Once your preferred carrier knows the make and model of the boat to be shipped along with the above-mentioned details, it gives you an accurate quote for their shipping service.

Discuss with your boat transporter

Discussion is a great way to know about the expectations of the owner and the services offered by the hauler. Ask many questions. Know whether the company you choose transports boats of the similar size and type as that of your boat. Make sure you know about the equipment they use for your boat. Get the details about their process of loading and unloading. Also, ask if they have certain requirements that you need to fulfill regarding your boat. Also, it is important to find out if your boat needs a special transport permit.

Once you clarify all your doubts, you will know how efficient and experienced the carrier is. If the company is unable to answer your questions in a professional manner, then you might have to think about some other carrier for transporting your boat.

Moreover, you need to discuss the pick-up and drop-off locations. Unless you fix a hauler for the transport service, you must never provide the address details to them. Some boat transport companies use a huge flatbed trailer for transporting their boats, this process involves transferring your boat to a small tow vehicle which carries it to the residential location. Thus, ensure you know all these details so that you are not shocked by the additional costs that are imposed on you.

Payment process

You must discuss the payment process well in advance with your chosen service provider. Some companies offer various modes of payment, like bank transfer, Cash/wire transfer, payment via Credit cards etc. Also ensure that the boat transport company and you agree to the payment terms, along with insurance policies and refund terms. Put all these terms in written and signed by both the parties to stay safe from disagreements which might arise in the process. Read the fine print of the agreement too.