Different Kinds of Removal Companies

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a removal company, is moving houses – right? While this is true, and most removal companies out there will help thousands of people move house a year, there are other types of removals they might be able to help with.

Many removal businesses such as Sprint Removals own a self-storage facility or storage facility that they offer to clients.  It may be that they have available warehouse space where you can stock bulk quantities of items, while others might not have these facilities. There are even some companies who offer specialist removals for large and heavy items, such as pianos. Often this type of company will be located in a big city, and it could mean that they have to remove the piano from a flat or apartment several floors up.

For businesses that use a lot of stationary machinery, there are removals companies you can hire to help you the manufacturing equipment from your current plant to a new one. However, you are unlikely to call a removal business like this if you are just looking to move home.

Some smaller sized companies with fewer resources and smaller vehicles offer their services to students who are looking to either move in or out of their new place or dorms. This type of job could even be handled by just one man and a van, of which there are plenty out there.

For international removals, a different level of experience and specialist expertise is required. For instance, it is essential that they understand customs and other laws related to the countries where the removals will take place.

If you intend on using one of these bigger companies, before hiring them to make sure they are experienced in the particular removal job you need to be completed.

If you are looking to save some money and don’t mind doing the monkey work yourself, you may want to look for one of the many companies out there that rent out vans and trucks. Before you part with any cash or sign any contracts though, ensure that they are fully insured for their vehicles and that the vehicles are in sound working condition at the time of renting. The last thing you want is to hire a couple of vans for your house or office move, only for them to break down halfway through the day.

There are even more specialist removal companies that often are subcontracted by the government to move military, government officials, and their families. As military families tend to move a lot during the armed force member’s career, it makes sense that there would be a list of pre-approved removal companies that are able to get the job done quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Different removal jobs require different removals companies. Therefore, before you pick the first one you come across in a Google or search engine result page, it is worth considering whether they are the right company for the particular move you want to make.