Getting Around London And Bike Couriers

If you’re thinking about moving to London or have just recently moved, you might be interested in how to get around.

As strange as it may sound, the average speed of traffic in Central London is almost exactly the same as a century ago. In other words, it is slow! It’s little wonder companies are opting to use motorbike and push bike courier services particularly for the delivery of urgent documents and packets, as a bike can get through traffic congestion much more easily than a delivery van or a car. Plus, it just fits in with the minimalistic lifestyle to not have a car, get rid or store away all of your stuff and travel light. Furthermore, bike riders have many more options when it comes to parking, so estimated delivery times are likely to be much more accurate than a van driver can offer.

London is a huge city and even people born in the capital often only have a vague idea of the many areas of the city. Because it is their trade, just like a taxi driver, a bike courier knows the fastest and most efficient way of getting to a destination, which alone is priceless when a delivery is urgent.

What Bike Couriers Deliver

While bike couriers may have a disadvantage over van couriers in that they cannot transport very heavy bulky items, you might be surprised at the large variety of items they can deliver. Legal documents, food, packets, mobile devices, flowers beverages, are all common requests for central London couriers. Many companies also use “cargo bikes” which have ample space to carry a large box.

Sensitive Documents

While these days documents are routinely sent digitally, sensitive information is usually preferred to be delivered by courier, as hand to hand delivery is a much safer option than using email or cloud computing with the potential security breaches.

Technology & Cost

By taking advantage of up-to-date technology, clients are able to see via an app exactly where their parcel is at any given moment so compared to standard mail this offers a great advantage. Naturally, the cost of using a bike courier will be higher than posting a letter, but you’ll find companies that provide hand to hand delivery services for under £5, so it really is not an expensive option.

The exact cost of a courier service will be affected by how far you need the parcel to go, what it is that you are sending, when you want it collected and/or delivered and what level of service you want.

The first and most important factor is the volumetric weight of the parcel which is the relationship between its height and depth and weight. The value of the contents may also have a bearing if it exceeds the courier’s insurance limits.

Working as a London Bike Courier

If you are interested in working as a bike courier in London, you may be pleasantly surprised at the number of vacancies and work possibilities available. As a motorbike courier you may be required to use your own motorcycle, but pushbikes are usually provided. Good knowledge of London is usually preferred but you might even get away with relying on a GPS system for a while until you become familiar with the city.

Many companies offer freelance positions, allowing riders to work as much or as little as they want. Therefore, this is a perfect job choice for those who already have employment but want to earn extra money, or individuals that dislike the idea of being in a 9 to 5 office job, and prefer the freedom of working when they please and outdoors.