Preparing your Bathroom to Move Home

The bathroom contains important and useful items, not only toiletries, but also pills, cleaning products, make up, cosmetic products, etc. The fact that the bathroom looks small doesn’t mean that packing it is very easy. Here we will show you the simple ways to preparing your bathroom for a move and to packing up your bathroom not just correctly but also efficiently. You may have spent a lot of money remodeling that bathroom, but unfortunately even we can’t help you move your entire bathroom, we can however help you pack your essentials to your new home.

Packing Bathroom Supplies

Set aside things that are of no big importance and which you can easily supply yourself with cheaply. In other words, when packing a bathroom it may be cheaper for you to leave some things behind and buy them anew, rather than ship them and pay for their moving. This goes true for empty or almost empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner, bars of soap already opened, the toilet brush, etc. Go through your medicines as well – that means check the drawers, cupboards and chests. Open them up and check their package and the opened bottles. Anyone that is out of date, its looks, smells has changed, has an unreadable label or doesnt have one at all, must be disposed of carefully. If the treatment you used those medicines for is over or was discontinued, again you don’t need them. And you will surely have such bottles, jars or tubes – just like most people it is normal to forget a medicine and don’t throw it away right when it expires. Don’t take risks for your health and pay for moving medicines that should not be taken. Before throwing away medicines when packing the bathroom, think about how to do it. But certainly don’t dispose of medicines in the drain or down the toilet because they are dangerous for the environment. Talk to your pharmacist for a solution.

In the same way dispose of bathroom accessories as well. Collect the cleaning products that you have in your bathroom because you will need them for the cleaning before moving out. After you are done cleaning up the things in your bathroom, it is time to start thinking about packing it. Bulky items like high-end sliding shower doors must be shifted with utmost care.

Separate things you use on a daily basis like the toothbrush and toothpaste, hair brush, etc. That includes the medicines as well. Plan the towels, medicines, bathroom toiletries that you will use during the move and a few days after the relocation – until your household goods arrive and you have unpacked your bathroom. Next on your bathroom packing list should be collecting the right packing supplies. You need leak-proof containers for the liquids, small, sturdy boxes for the items to pack and a separate box for your bathroom essentials. Place your medicines and the first aid supplies in a separate plastic bag which you should keep with you. If you have medicines that are heat sensitive place them there too. When packing a bathroom, put the make up which you have separately, along with the hairbrushes and hair accessories. If you have breakable items in your bathroom like porcelain, use bubble-wrap to wrap them or packing paper. You can substitute the packing paper with old newspaper you won’t need.

As you pack your bathroom, label the boxes clearly with their content. If you have packed fragiles, mark that on the corresponding box.

Distribute the weight between the boxes. Place expensive perfumes, shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics, etc. in boxes. If you are afraid that some of them may leak, you can first place the product in a plastic bag and then inside the box. Place toiletries and medicines in separate boxes. You shouldn’t have boxes that are very heavy to lift because this is dangerous for the health. In order to complete the empty space within the boxes when packing up your bathroom use rugs, shower curtains, linen, towels, etc. which are lighter. They will also serve as cushioning when you line up the boxes inside and then when you wrap separate items with them. If you have many small boxes, you can collect them and place them in one or more medium sized boxes. That will be easier for transportation and in this way there’s a smaller chance of losing a small box. And one final tip when packing the bathroom. Remember that the less you have to pack, the less you will pay for your relocation.

Packing Bathroom Tips

As you can see with the right organisation everything can be accomplished easily. If you want to know more about how to pack your bathroom, contact A man and van 247 by asking for a quote. In this way you will also get a realistic idea of the whole cost of your move.

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