4 ideas how to hide the cables at home

Today I decide to present one useful question and this is “how to hide the cables in our homes?”. If you, like me, hate any cables scattered all over the house at your feet I recommend that you take some time to read this article.

No matter how fashionable, tidy, stylish and cozy your home is, the chaotic scattered cables of various home appliances irritate the eye and ruin the view. See some ideas that I learned from South East London end of tenancy cleaners on how to hide the cables at home that way you won’t accidentally trip or pull on the cables and avoid having a  Tv and aerial repair service to fix the wiring to your home entertainment system when they stopped working, it will also save you tons of money.

Cable ducts

The most popular way to hide the cables at home is by using cable ducts that are installed along the wall. They fit the individual cables and, with the help of a latch, they finally conceal. The good thing is that cables can easily be replaced or repaired without spoiling the good looks. There are also options for digging cable ducts into the wall, but this is the more complicated way.

With clip or buckle

You can attach the cables with a pinch of money and documents to hang with a nail to the wall so that the cables do not move. The other option is simply wrapping them in a few looped places to keep them tied together.

In a box

An original method is to place the coupler with a piece of the cable for the appliances (if longer) in a colored box, on the walls of which you have made round holes from which to go the cables themselves.

From defect in effect

Some people are reluctant to hide the cables at home and take advantage of their presence to make them a spectacular decor. They stain them, hide them with yarn, twine, beads, wrap them up to form interesting shapes, even make them in pictures.


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