7 Tips To Improve Your Interior Design

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Who would not want a good-looking home? Some of us are natural interior designers and have a flair for designing their rooms. Thankfully, Pinterest boards are there to help people like us who are aesthetically uninclined. You can check out hundreds and hundreds of Pinterest boards for ideas for your room. Ideas like how to improve your room’s aesthetics and how to tidy up are important insights that will make your house look better than before.

Of course, having a professional Interior Designer fix your house up. However, this can be quite expensive and obviously illogical when you have a small flat or place. House aesthetics may be important but if you operate on a tight budget, it is not a priority. Having said this, having a cluttered house may dampen the mood.

Studies even show that a messy, unorganised house can often lead to depression and anxiety. On the other hand, a bright, clutter-free place was proven to have increased productivity. You don’t need a study to tell you this. When you wake up and you see an organised place, it is just natural for you to feel better and ready for the day.

When trying to improve your interiors, just following your whim is not advisable. Often, we buy things for decorations that we think will look good but doesn’t. To help you with your decision making, here are 7 Tips To Improve Your Interior Design.


Establish a Colour Scheme

Obviously, a colour scheme should be chosen early on. Each colour you choose will make an effect in your room. A pale palette will obviously make your rooms pop and look brighter. On the other hand, a darker palette will give a sense of sophistication to your house.

A contrasting colour combination may bring in a few interesting aspects to your interior design. Do not be afraid to try on bold colours and experiment with your effects.


Declutter Your House

The first thing you have to do before you establish your interior design is to declutter. We all have things in our houses that we do not need but can’t exactly throw away. This would be such a wasteful endeavour that would be an illogical move especially when these items have a lot of value — be it monetary or sentimental. Personal mementoes, for example, take up a lot of space and are essentially clutter. To add to this, not only do they add to the mess inside your house, they may look unsightly once they start to pile up.

You may be faced with the dilemma of choosing whether you should throw your items away or keeping them. This can be mitigated by renting out a self-storage facility where you can safely store your extra items until you decide to take them out again.

A recent customer we worked with wanted to move their extra furniture causing clutter because of an infestation that needed treating. Spare beds stored in the basement – perfect recipe for bed bugs bites!



Mirrors can not only make your room aesthetically pleasing but also create a unique space and depth that is simply just not there. If ever that you are living in small quarters, the area that mirrors will add can help your room look as spacious as ever.


Put up the Accompanying Accessories

When you choose a colour scheme, you should also decide on the accompanying accessories and decor that will go with your house. You can’t just pile up numerous decorations and slap them on your wall. This will make your rooms look cluttered and disorganised. A minimalist look is coming back right now so it may be prudent for you to check it out.


Invest in High-Quality Furniture

I think it goes without saying that you should invest in high-quality furniture. A polished couch without any scars and abrasions is obviously a better look than broken furniture. High-quality furniture is also a good investment especially as they usually last for more than just a few years


Use  anything that will add square footage

Put up decor that will add square footage into your house instead of reducing. Mirrors, wall mounted TV installed, curtains and flower vases are just some examples that make your room pop with more space than there actually is. Alternatively, add a deck to your home to create extra space. Hire a professional deck builder.


Sample Wallpapers and Paint

The colour scheme does not just apply to furniture and decor. This is also meant for walls. You can simply sample wallpapers and paint jobs that will add not just texture but colour to your house. Colours will create different effects for your place so before you make it permanent, sample them first.